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It's About Our Children

To know about BCDI Albany means that you know we are about the development of happy, healthy, well-educated children who are fully aware of their culture, history, heritage, and the possibilities for their futures.  Founded with a mission to support Black children from birth and early childhood, we are unapologetic about our recognition of the importance of safe and healthy spaces for Black children to live, learn and grow.  We know that when Black children do well, all children do well.  We also know that any "achievement" gaps are actually opportunity gaps; we are committed to filling those gaps so children can reach their fullest potential.  In short, we are about the present and the future for our children. Chartered in September 1997 BCDI Albany is part of the National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) National Village Network. The village network represents the national organization’s commitment to  create exemplary community-based programs that make a difference. As a non-profit charitable organization, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all children.

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