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We are committed to the vision outlined in NBCDI's Eight Essential Outcomes for Black children, an Afrofuturistic vision across various spheres in a Black child's life.  We envision a future in which every Black child...

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Every Black child is seen as a child

Let's work together ensure EVERY BLACK CHILD...

           NARRATIVES:  Is seen as a child

            EDUCATION:  Attends a school that affirms and expands them

                   HEALTH:  Is born at a healthy weight

             NUTRITION:  Enjoys meals with vegetables

 SAFE COMMUNITY:  Lives in an uplifting community where they can play, explore and thrive

                 CLIMATE:  Breathes clean air and drinks clean water

     DIGITAL SAFETY:  Hangs out on a safe and appropriate internet

  REPRESENTATION:  Sees themselves reflected in books and toys

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