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Talygen Launches Advanced HR App for Employees on Windows Phone | Jaime L. Davis

Talygen Launches Advanced HR App for Employees on Windows Phone

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Talygen, the world leader in Business Management Automation, has launched the newest version of its advanced Windows Phone app to help Companies and tomcunliffe.com their Employees do HR functions on their Smartphone or Tablet.

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Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) August 17, 2013

HR Management and Business Productivity tools on the http://aa-kenya.or.ke/pfizer-viagra-cheap Cloud have become very popular in the marketplace today. However, most of these tools are web based and do not provide accompanying Smartphone apps. Increasingly, Companies are demanding solutions that enable their Employees to be productive and fully accountable, using both their Smartphones and their laptops. Talygen, the world leader in Business Management Automation, has now introduced an advanced Windows Phone app that is fully integrated with its state of the art Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Now, Companies and their Employees have one integrated solution to manage the most common HR functions. Whether someone is on the Web, or using a Tablet or a Smartphone, they can now use Talygens advanced functionality to apply for leaves, manage Employee calendars or view Company holidays. The app is fully configurable and allows any and all types of leave to be setup including (but not limited to) Sick Leave, Vacation, Parental Leave and cheap viagra pills much more.

Today Windows Phone has become one of bays.com the fastest growing smartphone platforms for Business users and Talygen is committed to making sure that all Business users have access to only best offers the best Business Intelligence, Time Management, Project Management, Human Resource, & Collaboration software in the market. Talygens Windows Phone application is designed to both Managers and Employees at multiple levels. This means Windows Phone users can now quickly and easily manage their HR functions. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, and is perfect for savvy Windows Phone users who are accustomed to having the best user experience in the marketplace today.

The Windows Phone app provides the following HR features:

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