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How does a spaceship land? | Jaime L. Davis

How does a spaceship land?

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  1. I was just thinking about it… Would it land the same way it would land on only today another planet, or is there a different way to do it?

    Answer by Captain Nerezza
    It would most probably land as most rockets would. Emitting smoke on the ground. But spaceships are mostly fantasy.

  2. Answer by Tesselate
    It depends. There is no definitive answer because were always designing better/faster/stronger/efficient shuttles.

  3. pretend nothing is preventing you from doing either of these two jobs/careers: working on navy ships or spaceships.

    I have a hard time deciding which one to choose and heres why?

    I LOVE aircraft carriers and how they are huge drivable compact cities. In fact I got to take a tour of an aircraft carrier once and it was UNBELIEVABLY HUGE and like a huge maze and city inside of it.

    But I also Love spaceships and used to watch the space shuttle dock to the space station on TV. Now theres going to be space tourism within the next 20 years and I want to help build spaceships so civilians can go into space, but chances are they wont be huge drivable compact cities like aircraft carriers are.

    Which career should I choose out of these two?

    Is it possible to do both?

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    Do you think within my lifetime we will have ships big as aircraft carriers in space along with orbital shipyards and dry docks?

    Answer by xLittleMonster
    Spaceships because earth is too boring.