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changing a steering wheel in a mustang? | Jaime L. Davis

changing a steering wheel in a mustang?

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  2. Hi i have a 03 mustang gt and link for you i wanna change the steering wheel because i dont like the look of it. i live in calgary alberta and was wondering if it was illegeal to change the steering wheel with a aftermarket one because it dosent have airbags.

    Answer by cobrajet
    A steering wheel without an airbag will likely be illegal for a street driven car. It will have a light on in the dash and send an error code to the computer without one. Any inspection done on the car will show there is something wrong with the airbag system and anyone else that may drive your car without an airbag will be able to sue you if they get hurt in an accident.
    There are multiple steering wheels that will bolt right up to your column that have an airbag. Look through them and pick one that you like and just buy a legal one. Ford made multiple steering wheels from 1999 until present that will work on your column.
    Also, messing with an airbag system without knowing how to properly work on it can result in damage or injury.

  3. What does a steering wheel lock do? How would it prevent someone from stealing a car?

    Answer by dodge man
    i own a repair shop,and the good ones lock your steering wheel to the brake pedal ,that makes it impossible to get the car,and the good ones you cant pick or break off either,,thats a good anti theft device though,,it usually makes a thief mad,and they,ll destroy your car if they cant get it,,had that happen but they didnt get the car,,good luck i hope this help,s.

  4. So i bought a 1990 Honda Accord.
    The steering wheel is off to the right.
    So when im going straight the steering wheel is quite a bit to the right.
    It is not an alignment because i let go of the wheel and the car goes straight ahead. I need a free solution i can do myself. My father says i can take off the steering wheel(without a wheel puller) and put it back on straight and that should solve the problem. What do you guys think

    Answer by todd d
    it is obvious it is alignment that model is front wheel drive so it would be hard to tell if it was out of align you should check your tires to see if there is wear on the inside usually